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Multidisciplinary project studies degradable mulching films

From left, Chad Kirby of Kirby Farms, Elizabeth Buck of Monroe County Cornell Cooperative Extension, RIT’s Carlos Diaz-Acosta, and Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Emma van der Heide discuss a field trial during the collaborative research project.

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Our Contributions To Life Below Water Ensuring Sustainable Seaweed

Rooted in the seabed about 30 meters off shorelines around the world is one of the ocean’s many majestic secrets. While not exactly buried treasure, the seaweed harvested or cultivated by locals contains the raw properties that provide a tremendous... (Mehr)

Dubai firm offers eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic

Around 90,00 pieces of micro plastic are being consumed by human beings every year.

A homegrown company in the UAE has launched a line-up of starch-based organic alternative products that are soluble in water to replace single-use plastic.

UAE-based MyEarth... (Mehr)


The sustainable innovations don’t stop here. Lumson has a new green concept in the pipelines for make up: PLA 2.0. More than just a step towards sustainability, PLA 2.0 is a true green revolution in the world of lipstick. Packaging... (Mehr)